HD XDCAM Export Guide - DaVinci Resolve 18



  • Tom E

    Having Broadcast Safe ticked is incorrect, this will alter the colours and levels of the image from the original creative intent, which NO finishing editor should be doing! Resolve will automatically clamp any out of bounds signal when it needs to reprocess the image, which will be every time on interlaced content made from progressive material, though there is also an option to force this on the Deliver page. I had an advert for a film and with Make Broadcast Safe ticked it just made it look washed out! So I left it unticked and of course it passed QC, just like every other file I've made for broadcast from Resolve with it unticked (which is a lot). You should change this advice immediately.

  • Keyvan Le Roux

    Hi @Tom E,

    Thank you very much for this detailed feedback.

    We ran some tests to validate your remark in regards to the Make Broadcast Safe setting and you are indeed correct.

    Our guide is now updated accordingly.


    Thank you again for this valuable feedback




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